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Hispanic Marketing 101

Hispanic Marketing 101 is an eNewsletter with a weekly circulation of 13,400. The three key categories of readers are Hispanic media professionals (3,800, including editors from 625+ Latino newspapers and local magazines from across the USA. Many of these publications use our news service articles in their publications and on their websites); Latino marketing and corporate professionals (3,400); and Latino community leaders, including 2,800+ heads of organizations across the USA. Because of our unique reach organizations like NCLR, LULAC, SER, NHCC and more than 20 other national organizations have become partners with their community and media outreach. Our reach is about the quality of the readers as much as it is about the quantity. 

Here is a sampling of recent issues featuring the work of Kirk Whisler


Latino GNP is now $2.13 TRILLION, and much more

As we all gradually get back into our normal work routines, we find that it's now been sixteen years since we started Hispanic Marketing 101...


Deadline coming up for the 2018 Int'l Latino Book Awards, entertainment & research news, and more

Keep in mind that the discount period for the 2018 Int'l Latino Book Awards is coming up this month...


The NAHP Convention starts Sunday, a major Media organization folds, major research trends, & more

Starting this Sunday in Miami at the Atton Brickell Hotel we have the 2017 NAHP Convention with keynotes from leaders like Maria Elena Salinas and Maria Marin...


Great events, a new play from Josefina Lopez, good books & more

I sincerely hope to see many of you at one or two of these great events. This week it is the rapidly growing Great Minds in STEM Conference in Pasadena, California...


We have lost another Trailblazing Leader with the passing of Dr. Jess Nieto

In the midst of an already rough year we lost another Trailblazer today with the tragic passing of Dr. Jesus (Jess) Nieto...


The NAHP has lost another Past President, great business insights, & we'll see you at the NCLR

This past we lost another Past President of the National Association of Hispanic Publication's with the passing of Tino Duran...


2017 Int'l Latino Book Award Finalists announced by Latino Literacy Now

Next week I look forward to seeing many of you at the 2017 American Library Association Convention in Chicago, now the largest book industry conference in the USA...


With the passing of Hank Lacayo we have lost another great leader

Recently we lost a true TRAILBLAZER with the passing of Hank Lacayo. Hank grew up in Southern California, but made his mark on the National Stage...


Learn more about one of the most power Latino organizations in the USA

Please look at this issue for great insights from one of the most powerful and fastest growing Latino nonprofits in the USA...


Key research studies, 8 articles, & much more to help you and your business grow

This past weekend we had the SECOND Latino themed film of the year that opened to both good reviews and ...


Congrats to Loida Garcia-Febo on being elected the ALA's next President

We are proud to see that after years of having very few Latino authors and speakers, the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books this weekend, April 22-23, at USC has 47 Latino authors and ...


Very Sad news

It is with great sadness that I inform you of the unexpected passing of my brother, Mark Whisler, this past weekend. Mark had been ill with pneumonia for most of the past month ....

About Kirk Whisler, Executive Editor

Within the Latino 247 Media Group, Kirk writes as the executive editor of Hispanic Marketing 101.