Search The Largest Diversity Database for Funding Your College Education

Five easy steps to access nearly a BILLION DOLLARS in Scholarships and Financial Aide targeting Latinos, African Americans, American Indians, and others. There’s over 1,000 scholarship sources for students who will be in EACH of the following: a college Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, or Senior next school year. Further there’s over 500 scholarships for Graduate Students. Finally there’s over 100 sources of funding for students as young as the eighth grade to start preparing for college.

Step One: LEVEL Choose the college grade level that you will be at for the school year you are seeking funds.

Step Two: DIVERSITY Choose the Diversity Category that best fits you. You can do another search later for additional categories if you fit more than one. Everyone should sort on the Overall Diverse and the Open to All categories.

Step Three: CAREER FIELD Choose the Career Field you are in or considering and see the scholarships specifically for that field. For some fields number of potential scholarships is less. In many career fields such as Agriculture, Arts & Entertainment, Fashion, Food & Hospitality, Law, Liberal Studies, and Teaching we list under a 100 scholarship funds for each of them. Please keep in mind that each scholarship fund gives out both varying
numbers of scholarships and various amounts of total dollars in scholarships. One fund mind only give 10 scholarships, but each is for $20,000. Another might give out 300 scholarships, each for $2,000. In our mind, no scholarship fund should be overlooked. Please do the research.

Fields like Business, Communications and Health all have over 100 scholarships listed in those fields, and tens of millions in resources behind them. It is no mystery that the hottest career field right now, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields, is also the one with the most specific scholarship moneys going  into it. Our database includes over 250 STEM scholarships. Please keep in mind that for each of the fields above there are additional opportunities within the VARIOUS grouping of scholarships. For instance, more than one scholarship fund is for the Business and Engineering field.

STEP FOUR: CITIZENSHIP STATUS This is a key category with some scholarships. For over 350 scholarships you need to be a citizen of the United States. Another 1,400+ scholarships require that you be a citizen OR have permanent resident status in the USA. We even have some that are only open to people who do not have ANY status in the USA. Finally we have another 350+ that your legal status does NOT matter in applying for those scholarships. Basically, if you are a citizen you DON’T need to include this field in your search.

STEP FIVE: NAME OF SCHOLARSHIP Use this field to search for scholarships by the name of the scholarship.